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The following downloadable material is freely available as long as you follow Creative Commons License procedures (which means that you reference us and any of the appropriate organisations materials as coming from them). Most of the practices promoted by the differing articles and materials are embedded in the workshops and coaching we provide.


Curriculum Planning Guides and Sample Planning Templates   


 Secondary School (will open on your desktop as a folder)

Year 7 Economics - Being a Responsible Citizen

Year 7 Maths - Can We Really Play

Year 7 Sustainability Unit

Year 8 Civics - Agent of Change 

Year 9 City Experience - Semester Long Planning


Primary School (will open on your desktop as a folder)

Grade 1 - Paddock to Plate

Grade 3 - Then and Now Victoria

Grade 5 - Our Colonial Past

Excellence Academy STEM Project


What is Differentiation?

Hallmarks of a Differentiated Classroom

Four Differentiation Mistakes

Planning for Differentiation

Essential Principles of Differentiating 

Reference Articles on Differentiation


Conference and Book Summaries

Kathleen Kryza: Differentiated Instruction in a Real Classroom

Kathleen Kryza: Building Community in a Differentiated Classroom

Kathleen Kryza: Empowering Learners in a Differentiated Classroom

Kathleen Kryza: Advanced Differentiation

Clinton Golding: From Thinking Skills to Thinking Schools

Clinton Golding: Assessing Thinking

Focus - The Hidden Driver of Excellence (Daniel Goleman)

Extraordinary Leadership in ANZ Summary 

Hardwired Humans - Incomplete Summary



Previous Workshops 

Introduction to the Growth Mindset

Designer PD - Designing Formative Rubrics 2011 Slides

Mentone Girls Secondary College Day 1 2011 Slides

Mentone Girls Secondary College Day 2 2011 Slides

Qualities of Successful Inquiry learning

Planning Rich Learning Tasks Part I

Planning Rich Learning Tasks Part II 


Sample Planning Templates

          Sample Intuyu Unit Planning Template 2016

Heany Park PS 2013 Planning Template

Rolling Hills Primary Integrated Planner


Example Prep Integrated Inquiry Projects (from Southmoor Primary School)

How Does My Garden Grow Part I

How Does My Garden Grow Part II

What's In Space Part I

What's In Space Part II


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