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The Team - Adrian, Narelle, Karen, Elizabeth
The team: Adrian, Narelle, Karen, Elizabeth
"Amazing how much impact a 1 hour session with Adrian has made on my teaching, I have totally changed how I enter the room and finish a class, totally changed learning intention and success criteria also.  Just thought you should get that feedback, he is brilliant!  Would love another opportunity to work with him.”
Classroom teacher, St Bernard's College
"I have to say, I have had the most overwhelming positive feedback about Narelle – people who had felt so disengaged from the program now are asking if they can start it early! People really responded to her and the way she was able to facilitate and draw out people’s ideas was incredible. I hope you will pass this feedback on to her. We were so impressed."
Emma Craven, Hampton Park Secondary College
“On a personal note, just want to say how much I enjoyed this year's conference. Your understanding of (........) and the complexities that CWPS faces was utterly amazing but then again I would expect nothing less from a Noble Park kid!!!!! And the fact that you type your own 'minutes' as you go.........absolutely wonderful!”
Sheryl Lucas, Cranbourne West Primary School
"Still a buzz around from yesterday. Several teachers have told me they are trying something new from yesterday in a class today! So did I. A number of staff have thanked me for organising a day where they were able to stop and talk about their teaching practice. In actual fact they should be thanking you."
Debra Coyne, Learning Leader, Ave Maria College Aberfeldie
"Thanks so much for the work you are doing with us, it is the breath of life for us as a school- we need it!
Brenden Mair, Director of Teaching and Learning, CBC St Kilda
“Thank you so much for your time. The teachers are still talking about the session and I have had a number put in place what you talked about. I have attached one teacher’s work that she shared with me today (I also had a great year one teacher do something similar and a year 7 teacher the day after your training). The children have been amazing at identifying their success criteria.  As a principal, it is exciting and I am so thankful for the impact you have had.”
Sandra Perrett, Principal, Wulguru State School
"I am happy to let you know that feedback from all the schools was fantastic! Everyone was impressed by your presentation, and the work they did!! I loved your passion as well. We look forward to working with you through the year!" 
Richard Loyd, Principal, Westall Primary School
“…Many teachers have approached me to comment how worthwhile and relevant this presentation was for them and how they felt much more comfortable with changing direction in their teaching. I was impressed with the exchange of information which took place prior to the day in order to provide us with a program which suited the needs of our staff. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other schools.”  
Sue Fergeus, Curriculum Co-ordinator, Performance and Development Co-ordinator, Brentwood Park PS
“Thank you for working & coaching with the team this year. They have learnt so much & have taken so much away from the sessions in which they can use at their new schools. It's also been valuable for you to work with them at a difficult time for them & the school.  Also, thanks for providing me the notes so that I can get a greater understanding of their values & beliefs. The feedback that I have received has always been positive so congrats on a job well done.”
Jim Ringin, Assistant Principal, Preston Girls Secondary College
"Thanks so much for your talk! I just decided not to retire ... it (education) is just beginning to get interesting!"
Keynote Speech NSW Schools Conference
"Thanks once again for your really skilful facilitation last week. The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. People REALLY appreciated walking away from the day with a plan for IBL for the term. As a leadership we definitely appreciated the balance of the educational philosophy side of things to challenge staff thinking and the practical support provided. It was great to have the refresher of concepts introduced last year, as we know it will take time to embed the thinking. As I said to you on Thursday, I think the pacing of your presentation stuff and your tone (authoritative balanced with "I'm still learning") were really appropriate and well received by staff."
Mary Verwey, Principal, Heatherhill Primary, VIC
I met with the science team yesterday and we brainstormed our ideas around visible learning and a framework for effective learning.  There were some outstanding ideas and we are certainly seeing a shift in our expectations of the learners and our practice.  The team, as always would like more time to think about how we embed the ideas which is why we are spending another day on this with you.  I'm really excited that we are starting to get on board with this...  The big vision is taking root in the everyday and our curriculum maps are reflecting this - I couldn't ask for more at this stage.” 
Tim Smith, Head of Science at Mt. Alvernia College QLD
"Thank you again for presenting and working with our staff over the past two days. I spoke at length with ..... (Head of Science) last night and he was very pleased with yesterday’s session. In particular, the opportunity to spend time with his faculty discussing their ideas for Science curriculum development which he also believed bolstered the faculty dynamic. He also commended you for your facilitation. A good start for Science teachers!" 
Graham Lawson, Acting Deputy Headmaster for Curriculum, Senior School, Guildford Grammar, WA
"Thanks again, Adrian. I have really enjoyed the phone calls and the probing questions you have presented to make me think beyond my comfort zone and to clarify my vision ... I found it challenging to remain focused earlier in the year with a new position, staffing issues with a friend in crisis, ... and your patience and persistence really helped me to stay with the game at school. You probably will never know how important this was for me at the time." 
Participant in Positive Partnerships Program, Sept 2015, LEQ, QLD 
"Thanks for the coaching Adrian! Just wanted to let you know that the gallery style feedback session for my department was hugely successful. I have NEVER got so much good quality feedback. It is all written down which is fabulous.
Tracey Brown, Head of Faculty - Christian Studies, Faith Lutheran College Redlands, QLD 

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