Developing Action-Research Projects to embed evidence based practice


Workshop datesDr Adrian Bertolini

Brisbane 25th October 2017
Melbourne 1st December 2017
This workshop is designed for
Primary School Teachers
Secondary School Teachers
Workshop Outline
The Educational Departments in many Australian States are focussing on developing teachers and principals to work together to embed evidence-based practices into their schools. To met this goal most schools use structures such as professional learning teams / communities to build a culture of collaboration and exchange knowledge and ideas. What schools tend to find is that this approach is good in theory but more challenging in practice.

So how can a school use the PLTs / PLCs effectively to embed evidence-based practices into their school?

This workshop takes participants through the process of designing rigorous action-research projects so that they can practically and authentically do this. Adrian will use his experience of being a critical friend for action-research projects across multiple schools and individuals to unpack and guide the development and planning of the projects. During the session participants will have time to perform research. Adrian will also provide a range of real-life examples and templates plus access to the resources he has gathered on a breadth of evidence-based practice.

Topics covered include:

- Why action-research projects?

- Kotter’s 8 Step change model

- Identifying the strengths of your team

- Defining and refining a good research question

- Identifying the measurable outcomes for students AND teachers

- Planning – including identifying potential evidence ot gather, strategies and actions, as well as resources needed

- Identifying potential obstacles / challenges and creating possible solutions

- Developing a research mindset

This workshop is designed for teachers and leaders of Primary & Secondary schools. It is recommended that schools send at least 2 people so they can discuss and develop the project together. A discount applies for 2 or more people.


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Being led by Dr Adrian Bertolini

Adrian Bertolini

Adrian is the Founder & Director of Learning of Intuyu Consulting. He is one of Australia's foremost thought leaders on practical and real education that empowers and develops resilient, independent learners. Whilst his journey began as an engineer and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Adrian has worked across Australia, with students and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, to create authentic learning structures and experiences.

Adrian is much sought after by schools for his simple and effective presentations that not only challenges people to think deeply but also provides listeners with the practical "how's" to move forward. He is constantly acknowledged for being an engaging, passionate and knowledgeable speaker and facilitator.