What Makes You Say That?

Quality Questioning, and Critical and Creative Thinking



Workshop dates

Melbourne - 16th August 2017
Brisbane - 17th October 2017
This workshop is designed for
Primary & Secondary Teachers
Workshop Outline

Quote: ‘Education is not learning the facts but the training the mind how to think’, Albert Einstein.

The Australian Curriculum acknowledges “critical and creative thinking are fundamental to students becoming successful learners. Thinking that is productive, purposeful and intentional is at the centre of effective learning. Responding to the complex challenges of the twenty first century requires young people to be creative, innovative enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully”.

This workshop provides teachers with and overview, tools and strategies for embedding quality questioning, and critical, creative and visible thinking into a range of classroom activities.

Quality Questioning in Classrooms

Using research from Cotton, Lemov, Marzarno, and more this part of the workshop will explore:

- How can quality questions help our students to be curious thinkers who are challenged and engaged with classroom programmes?

- What do quality questions and questioning practices look like?

- What are the links between using quality questions in classrooms and student achievement?

Thinking Classrooms

Drawing on the work of Ron Richhart, Clinton Golding, Art Costa, David Perkins, Susan Brookhart, Kathleen Cotton and others, this part of the workshop provides an overview and investigates how to transform classrooms into effective and energized learning communities and communities of learners where thinking is fundamental.

Using thinking routines, we will explore:

- What kinds of thinking do we value in our classrooms?

- How people learn - thinking for understanding

- Developing intellectual character to create classroom cultures where thinking can thrive and is at the centre of learning

- Embedding thinking practices and routines into our existing programmes and daily teaching

- Progressing a school wide culture of thinking

Workshop fee

$275.00 - Earlybird
$297.00 - Full cost
Inc GST, morning tea & lunch provided


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Being led by Elizabeth McLeod

Elizabeth McLeod

Elizabeth has worked as a teacher mainly in primary education settings and has taught at every year level. She accepted various school leadership and school executive management roles for leadership, curriculum and administration including Teaching and Learning Coordinator, IBO Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator, and Head of Teaching and Learning at some of Melbourne’s top Independent schools.

Elizabeth has extensive knowledge and experience with high quality instructional practice, curriculum design, education project management, and design and delivery of professional learning.

As an education consultant, Elizabeth develops and delivers professional learning programmes and instructional coaching to schools, corporate organisations and other education consultancy work. She listens carefully and engages in substantive conversation to meet the needs of her clients, and personalises programmes to address these needs.