Using Student Feedback as a Tool to Enhance Inquiry Learning


Workshop dates, time and locationWorking together

Date - 8th June 2017
 5th September 2017
Time - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Location: CBC St Kilda, Melbourne
This workshop is designed for
Primary Teachers
Secondary Teachers
Workshop Outline
Make relationships, transparency and student voice a force in your classroom.

This workshop combines personal development research, behavioral management strategies, and qualitative research methods as a means to form a solid foundation for your next inquiry unit.

Use your next inquiry unit to transform your class within the class.

Ideas to be explored, include but are not limited to…

- The challenge and power of trust in the classroom.

- Starting with big EXPECTATIONS and helping learners rise to them.

- Using student voice and validation to design your unit.

- Peer assessment, how much should it count?

- Peer feedback made simple, effective and accurate.

- Whose classroom is this?

- Setting and achieving learning intentions with executive skills in mind.

- Using qualitative feedback during formative assessment.

- Designing your rubric with the students’ help.

- Fostering an attitude of individual accountability in your students.

Workshop fee

$88.00 - Earlybird
$99.00 - Full cost


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Being led by Lamar Johnson

Lamar Johnson

Lamar is an international educator, who works as a researcher, leader and as a teacher. His career spans across international boarding schools in Africa, Universities and KIPP charter schools in the US, and government and independent schools here in Melbourne Australia. The experience gained as a teacher and leader across various curriculum and pastoral initiatives enables Lamar to offer unique insights which are grounded in research, proven and practiced strategies; insights which empower and motivate students to become independent active agents in learning. Educated first as an Adolescent Psychologist, Lamar went on to gain an Interdisciplinary Master’s where he published his first piece on the representation of students in urban schools. Afterward, he expanded his research as a teacher and leader across similar schools in the United States.

After moving to Melbourne Australia, Lamar gained a Master’s in Education and is currently working as a Year 9 Program Leader and Mathematics and Humanities teacher at a Catholic Boys College in St Kilda. Aside from sharing discernments in curriculum, classroom culture and pastoral program design and implementation, Lamar is passionate about relationships and instructional technology and the role each play in steering teachers and students through education’s technological revolution.