Experience and Plan STE(A)M and Coding Units - 2 day workshop


When - cancelled
Coaching and Growing a Team

Thursday - 4th May 2017
Friday - 5th May 2017
Brisbane - Mt Alvernia College, 82 Cremorne Rd Kedron
This workshop is designed for
Secondary Teachers
Workshop Outline
In the workshop participants will not only be taken through a step by step process to plan STEAM and Coding units based on the Technologies Curricula but will also participate and experience a range of practical STEAM / Coding activities that can be run at your school.


Day 1: STEAM and Coding Experiences

The first day will be experiential where participants will participate in hands-on STEAM and Coding activities that can be run at various year levels. Participants will be involved in:

- Hands-on Design and Build exercises - linked to the Design and Technologies curriculum

- Practical exercises leading to understanding the fundamentals of Programming - linked to the Digital Technologies curriculum

The intended outcomes for participants include:

- Clarity about what what elements lead to authentic, engaging STEAM/ Coding activities

- Understanding what approaches and models work and why


Day 2: STEAM and Coding Planning

The second day will focus on both broad and detailed planning to embed STEAM and Coding into your school. Participants will:

- Explore what practical planning steps can be put in place to integrate STEAM and Coding into the everyday operation of a school

- Deconstruct the Technologies Curriculum to gain clarity about what it is asking

- Create a spine of unit that you can flesh out and run at your school

The intended outcomes for participants include:

- A concrete plan for the implementation of STEAM and Coding

- A spine of a unit that addresses the Technologies Curriculum


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Being led by Dr Adrian Bertolini

Adrian Bertolini

Adrian is the Founder & Director of Learning of Intuyu Consulting. He is one of Australia's foremost thought leaders on practical and real education that empowers and develops resilient, independent learners. With degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering he has a strong background in not only the theoretical underpinning of STEM and Coding buts its practical application. Whilst his journey began as an engineer and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Adrian has worked across Australia, with students and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, to create authentic learning structures and experiences.

Adrian is much sought after by schools for his simple and effective presentations that not only challenges people to think deeply but also provides listeners with the practical "how's" to move forward. He is constantly acknowledged for being an engaging, passionate and knowledgeable speaker and facilitator.