Practical Steps to STE(A)M - An Introduction to the Digital Technologies

Coaching and Growing a Team


Primary Teachers

Ipswich - 24th August 2017
Melbourne - 11th September 2017
Secondary Teachers
Melbourne - 2nd June 2017
Melbourne - 18th August 2017
Ipswich - 23rd August 2017
Workshop Outline

In the workshop participants will both experience hands-on practical STE(A)M activities and will be taken through a step by step process to plan STE(A)M units using the State’s Design and Technology Curriculum.


Flow of the workshop

The Importance of STE(A)M and Design Thinking
The day will begin with an introduction to world we are preparing students for. Through videos and discussions teachers will explore and identify the skills, dispositions and knowledge needed to operate successful in a fast changing global landscape. With this background as a springboard, participants will then explore and discuss the importance of STE(A)M, design thinking and the design process, and experience a short hands-on activity where they have to use design thinking to solve a problem.
Experiencing STE(A)M
In this session participants will experience a hands-on STE(A)M challenge. The intention is to highlight importance of collaboration, the iterative nature of the design thinking process and the role of teachers as facilitators. Participants will gain clarity about what elements lead to authentic, engaging STE(A)M activities and what approaches and models work and why.
Planning with Design and Technology Curriculum
This part of the day will be about exploring what you could do differently and simply in your curriculum and what changes you could make to address the Technologies curriculum. It will address the common teacher belief that STEAM is an extra add on and show how to authentically adapt what you are already doing to address the curriculum requirements. Teachers will have an opportunity to plan against the Technologies Curriculum and leave with a raft of ideas of how they can begin to infuse it into the current school curriculum.

Workshop fee

$286.00 - Earlybird
$308.00 - Full cost
Inc GST, morning tea & lunch provided

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Being led by Dr Adrian Bertolini

Adrian Bertolini

Adrian is the Founder & Director of Learning of Intuyu Consulting. He is one of Australia's foremost thought leaders on practical and real education that empowers and develops resilient, independent learners. With degrees in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering he has a strong background in not only the theoretical underpinning of STEM and Coding buts its practical application. Whilst his journey began as an engineer and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Adrian has worked across Australia, with students and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, to create authentic learning structures and experiences.

Adrian is much sought after by schools for his simple and effective presentations that not only challenges people to think deeply but also provides listeners with the practical "how's" to move forward. He is constantly acknowledged for being an engaging, passionate and knowledgeable speaker and facilitator.